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Formwork Safety Course for Workers - FSCW S$90.00 Total: 1-Day (7 hrs , includes Assmnt: 1.0 hr) CONSTRUCTION Click Here

Formwork Safety Course for Workers - FSCW

WSHC, in collaboration with MOM, has developed the new Formwork Safety Course for Workers to help develop the competencies of the general formwork workers in Singapore. The one-day training course covers the WSH competencies required to adequately train a worker to perform formwork activities safely. The course coverage includes topics such as; types of formwork, fundamentals of formwork construction, roles of formwork workers and the application of risk assessment, hazard identification and adherence to safe work practices for all formwork activities.

Employers involved in the formwork construction business are strongly advised to send their workers to attend either the Formwork Safety Course for Workers and or the Formwork Safety Course for Supervisor soonest able.

·         State the applicable legal and other requirements for formwork and working at-height

·         List the roles of a worker in formwork installation, alteration and dismantling

·         State the types of formwork used in the industry

·         Apply basic risk assessment for formwork activities

·         Identify hazards associated with formwork activities

·         Observe safety and health measures for formwork activities formwork activities

·         Use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for formwork activities and Working-At-Height 

Workplace Literacy & Numeracy Level 3.

·         Applicable WSH Legal and Other Requirements

·         Role of Worker in Formwork Activities

·         Fundamentals of Formwork Construction

·         Types of Formwork

·         Basic Risk Assessment for Worker Level

·         Hazard Identification for Formwork Activities

·         Safety & Health Measures for Formwork Activities

·         Personal protective equipment (PPE) for Formwork Activities

·         Accident Case Studies 

Based on the successful completion of the course and assessment, a certificate of achievement endorsed by Eversafe Academy Pte. Ltd. will be issued to all participants.




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