COURSE NAME FEES BEFORE GST Duration Industry Funding Details
SUPERVISE TUNNELLING WORK FOR WSH (STW) - BLENDED S$250.00 24 hours including 3 hours of assessment CONSTRUCTION Click Here


It is a mandatory for individuals who are assigned to undertake the role of supervising deep excavation and tunnelling construction works. 


The purpose of this Competency Unit is to enable the WSH Coordinator or Supervisor to acquire the knowledge and be equipped with the application skills to supervise WSH in tunnelling construction. This Competency Unit is designed to focus on building the competency of the WSH Coordinator or Supervisor in identifying the common hazards and risks in the workplace and taking appropriate control measures in supervising WSH in tunnelling construction.

The following blended learning methods are applied to maximize the learning outcome:

Ø  Virtual Reality Video

Ø  Eversafe Academy Apps for-

·         Identify hazards from given digital photo

·         Software will select the topic randomly and learner need to deliver the lecture on that topic

Ø  Login to the Eversafe Academy e-learning platform and self-study from anyplace.

·         Presentation slides

·         Watch the video

·         Self-assessment

·         Forum discussion

Ø  Project work on own workplace and submit project report (part of assessment)

Possess Employability Skills (ES) Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) Level 4 and above, or equivalent.

·         WSH legal and other requirements relevant to deep excavation a tunnelling works

·         WSH hazards associated with deep excavation and tunnelling works

·         Unsafe work conditions and practices

·         Safety planning and organization for deep excavation and tunnel Works

·         Gaps in the existing control measures

·         Appropriate corrective actions and preventive actions

·         Health considerations in deep excavation and tunnelling works

·         Types and characteristics of Decompression Illnesses (DCI)

·         Evacuation and rescue procedures

·         Communication system in deep excavation and tunnelling works 

Based on the successful completion of the course and assessment, a Statement of Attainment (SOA) from the Skillsfuture Singapore (SSG) and a Safety Pass from Eversafe Academy Pte. Ltd. will be awarded to the trainee.

75% Attendance

English, Mandarin

·         8 Veerasamy Road, Singapore 207316

·         3 Soon Lee Street, #04-16&17, Pioneer Junction S627606

·         2 Joo Koon Road, Singapore 628966