SDF Funding

Funding Information
Please note that companies must fulfil the following criteria before applying for training grant:
  • Company must be registered or incorporated in Singapore
  • Trainees must be employed and fully sponsored by the company for all costs associated with the training
  • Trainees must be Singapore Citizen(s) or Permanent Resident(s) of Singapore, and must be employed by the company in accordance to the Employment Act except for sole proprietors, partners, working directors, members of co-operatives or commission-based agents.
Before applying, please ensure that you have the following:
  • Training organisation name
  • Course title
  • Course start and end dates
  • Course duration components
  • Course fee components
  • Trainee details (name, NRIC, citizenship, date of birth, education qualification, monthly basic salary, hours worked per week)
It will take you approximately 10 minutes to complete the application in SkillsConnect. The peak periods for accessing SkillsConnect are 9am – 11am and 3pm – 5pm on weekdays. For faster system response, we encourage you to login during the non-peak hours.
You can submit your training grant application from 30 days before the course start date and up to 30 days after the course start date.
Please click here for WDA’s processing time.
Please click ‘Proceed’ below to begin your application in SkillsConnect. You may click here for a pdf guide on completing the steps in the application.
COURSE NAME Funding Amount SDF Availablity SDU Points
FSCS $350.00 Under Processing 36
SSSC $250.00 Under Processing 32
MWAH $350.00 Under Processing 21
MSAC $400.00 Under Processing 30
CSCPM $350.00 Under Processing 34
SICSM $375.00 Under Processing 32
OFAC $280.00 Under Processing 23
WAH-TTT Under Processing 32
MMSCSup $390.00 Under Processing 40
SWSHPP $330.00 Under Processing 32
SWCSO $230.00 Under Processing 21
ACSSEW $550.00 Under Processing 40
SCW $250.00 Under Processing 32
RFIW $200.00 Under Processing 8
RFEB $400.00 Under Processing 16
IIMP $330.00 Under Processing 8
RFHE $600.00 Under Processing 22
STW $240.00 Under Processing 24
SMW $240.00 Under Processing 32