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Resuming In-person WSH training

  • With effect from 18 August 2020, we are resuming the in-person WSH training for Worker and Supervisor-Level courses.
  • We have implemented Safe Management Measures (SMM) at our centers in order to prevent the transmission of Covid-19. The key measures include:
    1. Mandatory use of SafeEntry, Mask wearing and temperature screening.
    2. Safe distancing of at least 1-metre.
    3. All foreign workers attending any in-person training must possess the Green AccessCode .
    4. Cohorting measures to prevent mingling among trainees from different work teams:
Cohort Requirements
Foreign workers from the Construction, Marine and Process (CMP) industry a) Trainees for same class must come from not more than 3 employers. The trainees can be from different worksites.
Foreign workers from other industry (non-CMP) b) Trainees for same class can be from different employers and different worksites.
Locals c) Local trainees are allowed to join either classes above but must meet their respective conditions (i.e. for CMP, the locals together with the foreign workers must come from not more than 3 employers).
    1. Employers are required to provide dedicated private transport for the foreign workers directly to the training venue and back to their accommodations.

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