COURSE NAME FEES BEFORE GST Duration Industry Funding Details
WSQ Respond to Fire and Hazmat Emergency - RFHE S$600.00 Total: 24 hrs, includes Assmnt: 3 hours All Industry Click Here

WSQ Respond to Fire and Hazmat Emergency - RFHE


CERT members in Public and Industrial buildings with valid petroleum and flammable materials storage license

Respond to Fire and Hazmat Emergency is designed to enable learners to acquire the required competencies and function as a member of an emergency response team in order to meet and respond to fire and Hazmat emergencies in process plant. The competencies include working alone and in a team.

  • Have received safety training related to a process plant.
  • Be able to manipulate numbers at a proficiency level equivalent to ESS level 6.
  • Have related training or work experience in a process plant.
  • Able to listen, read, speak and write English at a proficiency level equivalent to ES Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Level 6.

  • Execute emergency response plans and procedures
  • Fire hazards
  • Deploy fire and hazmat emergency equipment Conduct pre-donning safety checks
  • Communications during fire and hazmat emergency situations Environmental conditions and salvage considerations
  • Comply with site incident controller instructions
  • Select of appropriate fire fighting tools to mitigate and contain fire
  • Impact on environment and salvage considerations
  • Legislations and regulations
  • Practical on fire fighting equipment
  • Selection and use of appropriate breathing apparatus
  • Practical on breathing apparatus
  • Comply with site incident controller(SIC) instructions
  • Operate appropriate hazmat equipment
  • Follow instruction to carry out decontamination procedures
  • Decontaminate, Service and clean hazmat equipment
  • Hazmat respond system
  • Practical on Hazmat PPE and mitigation techniques
  • Decontaminate, Service and clean hazmat equipment
  • Observed reporting protocols accordance to organization
  • Conduct safety check on breathing apparatus
  • Assist in the search and rescue
  • Communicate details of casualties
  • Assist in the closure of search and rescue operations
  • Practical on hazmat mitigation techniques

Based on the successful completion of the course and assessment, a Statement of Attainment (SOA) from the Skill Future Singapore (SSG) and a Safety Pass from Eversafe Academy Pte. Ltd. will be awarded to the trainee.

100% Attendance


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