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The course is targeted to the candidates who would like to consider a future career progression in web application development, PHP/Html development and database management. For those who are already in the profession, the course would help them to enhance their employability, capabilities and market value.

Assumed Attitude, Skills and Knowledge / Entry Requirement

• Minimum 3 ‘O’ Level or equivalent qualifications, including English and any 2 Science subjects (or)
• International secondary level qualifications with English, Mathematics and Science (or)
• Mature-aged students with more than 3 years of relevant working the experience will be considered (or)
• Other Candidates with industry experience will be considered on a case-by-case basis

Course Overview

Learning Web Technology is essential today because the Internet has become the number one source to information and many of the traditional software applications have become Web Applications. Web Applications have become more powerful and can fully replace desktop application in most situations. That’s why you need to know basic web programming, including HTML, CSS, javascript. To create more powerful Web Sites and Web Applications you also need to know about Web Servers, Database Systems and Web Frameworks like PHP, ASP.NET, etc.
This programme covers the topics internet, data communication, database, HTML & CSS, javascript, JSP, PHP, Python. These modules are essential in understanding the foundation of web applications design and operations, and in pursuing an engineering career.

Course Content

• Introduction to Multimedia and the Internet
• Introduction to Data Communications
• Oracle for Developers
• JavaScript
• Java Servlets and Java Server Pages
• PHP and MySQL
• Web Application Development using Python Flask and Django

Course Duration

344 hrs ( One Year) including Assessment

Medium of Instruction:


Teaching Methodology:

Face to Face classroom teaching

Learning Environment

Our ergonomically designed classrooms are fully air-conditioned, equipped with whiteboards; audio/video equipment’s and free wi-fi

Qualification or experience of facilitators

A facilitator & assessor of this course will possess the following:
1. Bachelor Degree in Web technology/IT or Master Degree in Web technology/IT
2. At least 5 years of relevant working experience.

Key Person In charge

Monish V (Administrative Manager)

Class Size: 25

Facilitator/Learner Ratio

1:25 for Theory Lesson & Assessment

Course Attendance Minimum

75% attendance

Assessment Advice:

Passing Mark: Minimum 50 % (Theory: Minimum 35% & Assignment)

Course Fee exclusive of GST


Funding & Claims

Not Available


The certificate of achievement will be issued to all the participants by the Eversafe Academy Pte.Ltd upon fulfilling the following graduation requirements:
Passing the individual module by obtaining the minimum of 50% of marks for each module
Passing all the modules in the course
Course fee paid in full
Minimum overall attendance of 75% for each module and the entire course

Course Venue

  • 2 Kampong Kapor Road, Singapore 208674
  • 3 Soon Lee Street, #04-14/16&17, Pioneer Junction, Singapore-627606

Renewal Points for professionals

Not Available

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