CERT First Aid Course

CERT First Aid Course

For Whom

CERT, Engineers, Executives, HR Professionals or any other interested person.

Assumed Attitude, Skills and Knowledge / Entry Requirement

Any individuals with interest in first aid or has been assigned as CERT. Must be physically fit and able to render help to another individual during an emergency. Learners are expected to be 18 years old and above.

Course Overview

After completion of the course, learners will be able to perform CPR and AED during emergency situation and provide first aid to injured person.

Course Content

  • Introduction to first aid
  • Basic Principles & Practice of First Aid
  • Management of cuts, sprains, dislocations, fractures and burns (theory and practical)
  • Improvised carrying techniques
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and use of AED (Theory and Practical)

Course Duration: 9 hours including 2 hours assessment

Medium of Instruction: English

Class Size: Maximum 18

Facilitator/Learner Ratio: 1:6 for Lecture & Assessment; 1:6 for Practical Lesson

Course Attendance: 100% Attendance

Written Exam

  • 30 MCQ questions (First Aid 10 MCQ, CPR 10 MCQ and AED 10 MCQ)
  • Pass Criteria 70% (7 marks) for First Aid and 80% (16 marks) for CPR and AED
  • Duration: 30 mins

Practical Exam

  • CPR + AED Practical (10 mins/Pax, 6 learners/Group)
  • Bandaging (5 mins/Pax, 6 learners/Group)
  • Pass Criteria 100% (Competency Based)
  • Duration: 1 hour 30 mins/Group


  • Based on the successful completion of the course and assessment, a certificate of achievement endorsed by Eversafe Academy Pte. Ltd. will be issued to all trainee.
  • E- Cert Available

Course Venue:   

Eversafe Academy or customer premises (in-house training)

Course Fee exclusive of GST


Funding & Claims

  1. UTAP


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