The Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering is designed to Diploma graduates to provide an opportunity to upgrade and excel the learners’ technological skills to meet the dynamic and demand in the construction industry. This course will enable the student to solve more complex construction problems and take effective decision making. The programme aim is to educate the students with detail knowledge on the activities involved in the Civil Engineering project Design, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation. Students will also learn about the latest technology and information technology application in the construction industry. The core modules for this programme are Civil engineering works, advanced technology, Design and Analysis. The programme designed in a way to educate theoretically and practically on the main techniques that today civil engineering disciplines applied.

Assumed Attitude, Skills and Knowledge / Entry Requirement

  • Diploma in Civil Engineering (awarded by Eversafe Academy) or other recognized Diploma from other institutions
  • Minimum Grade E in any 3GCE ‘A’ Level, including English and 2 Science subjects or equivalent:
  • or Minimum C6 in any 3GCE’O’ Level including English and 2 Science subjects (Grade C6 and above) with 3 years working experience in the engineering field or
  • Work Experience Matured Candidate with other relevant certificate qualification with 5 years’ work experience or
  • Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WPLN) Assessments level 6 passed conducted BY Eversafe Academy or other recognized institutions will be considered case-to-case basis

Course Overview

The Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering programme covers the basic knowledge and skills that civil engineers must possess in order to effectively execute the construction design plans. The aim of this course is to educate the learners with civil engineering environment and effect to the individual and nation. This programme covers range of portion that enables learners to acquire essential qualities of civil engineer, skills and techniques.
The programme is developed in such a way that learners will explore the knowledge on the Advanced Structural , Design, Technology, Construction Materials, Steel Design, Surveying, Construction Technology and Sustainable Environment The course is targeted to the candidates those who wish to work in the civil engineering works such as designing, planning and construction on site. For those already involved in civil Engineering works may perform effectively and excel by applying the acquired knowledge.

Course Content

  • Construction Material
  • Advanced Surveying
  • Hydraulics Engineering
  • Advanced Construction Technology
  • Advanced Structural Engineering
  • Environmental Sustainability Engineering
  • Advanced Concrete Design
  • Advanced Steel Structure

Course Duration

Full Time: 12 Months
Part-time: 12 months
Total Classroom hours: 344
Weekly Schedule: 8Hrs Per Week – Part Time (without break in between Modules)(Either 2 days or 1
: 15 Hrs Per Week – Full Time (With break in between Modules)

Qualification or experience of facilitators

A facilitator & assessor of this course will possess the following:
1. Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering
2. At least 5 years of relevant working experience.

Key Person In charge

Monish V (Administrative Manager)

Class Size: 25

Facilitator/Learner Ratio

1:25 for Theory Lesson & Assessment

Course Attendance Minimum

75% attendance

Assessment Advice:

Passing Mark: Minimum 50 % (Theory: Minimum 35% & Assignment)

Course Fee exclusive of GST


Funding & Claims

Not Available


The certificate of achievement will be issued to all the participants by the Eversafe Academy Pte.Ltd upon fulfilling the following graduation requirements:
Passing the individual module by obtaining the minimum of 50% of marks for each module
Passing all the modules in the course
Course fee paid in full
Minimum overall attendance of 75% for each module and the entire course

Course Venue

  • 2 Kampong Kapor Road, Singapore 208674
  • 3 Soon Lee Street, #04-14/16&17, Pioneer Junction, Singapore-627606

Renewal Points for professionals

Not Available

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