Appeal Policies

  • When the candidate disagrees with an examination / assessment evaluation or feel he has not been assessed fairly, he can appeal the decision by using form (CA-P-15-F-02).

  • The Admin shall receive the appeal request along with the required fees for evaluation and shall inform the candidate of the evaluation date. The candidate is expected to be present for the evaluation as informed.

  • The Managing Director (MD) shall identify and assign an independent assessor for fair evaluation.

  • The independent assessor shall present the outcome to the Managing Director (MD) for approval. The approved outcome of the appeal shall be final.

  • This outcome shall be made known to the candidate by the Admin, and the candidate shall sign the assessment records and related documents to close the appeal.

  • The time frame for appeal by the learner is 10 days from the date of result announcement

  • The re-evaluation by an independent assessor will be completed within 7 days from the appeal date and communicated to the learner on the same day itself.