Appeal Policies

  • Students who have not passed their modules may submit an appeal for review of results using the form (FRM-009 Results Appeal Form) through the Administration Officer giving their reasons.

  • This appeal must be submitted within 7 working days from the release of exam results, together with payment of the required fee.

  • The Administration Officer passes the Appeal Form to the Academic Manager, who then appoints another marker (different from the first marker) to remark the student’s paper.

  • The Academic Manager then submits the original mark, the student’s appeal and his reasons given, and the second mark given by the second independent marker to the Exam Board for decision.

  • The Academic Manager communicates the decisions of the Exam Board on the Administrative Manager, who updates the records and informs students of the outcome of their appeal.

  • Eversafe Academy releases the appeal results within 4 weeks from the official date of release of the exam results.